Friday, 13 September 2013

House & garden ! Maison & Jardin

After a long break this summer, it's time to re-start this blog... and I have a question for you...

Does anyone know the maker of this all plastic living-room set ?

Here it is as in a complete set...

if it helps for identification

I don't know if the lamp is originally part of the set...

I suspect it is 70s German ?

My Mr Erna Meyer is slightly too small for it...

His feet can't touch the ground !

He looks like the marvelous Claude Ponti sitting on one of the benches he has just designed for the Jardin des Plantes in Nantes (France)

(if you pass this way, don't miss it ! This new garden is full of surprises)... Some say there is even a giant breathing yellow chick sleeping on the grass... A green echo to Claude Ponti's magical world of stories... See more here (in four languages FR/ENG/ESP/DE)...

Here are all the benches in the garden in different sizes...

Would Mr Erna Meyer find one for his size there ? Maybe not...

Claude Ponti is a great children literature author and illustrator, who has been writing and creating for 30 years - for example an atemporal superb book that all grand-parents should offer their young grand-children (and read it at any occasion with them !) is the marvelous L'Album d'Adèle... that you may be able to find in English and German...

Français, chez Gallimard

In English, Dutton Publisher
Auf Deutsch (Büchergilde Gutenberg)

Bonne lecture... ! Have a good read...

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  1. Hi Ysé,
    I believe the furniture could be made by FRADE in Germany. I don't know anything about this company, but I bought some similar furniture pieces together with a marked FRADE kitchen.
    The sizes are the same, the material looks equal too (plastic and very light plywood).
    Here you can see FRADE furniture:
    Cheers, Lilli

  2. I just found out that FRADE is an italian company, they sold their products in Italy and in Germany and the packages were labeled in both languages.

    1. Thank you very much for your suggestion, Lilli ! It could very well be Frade. I have a collection of pictures by this brand and even if none of the chairs and tables look like the ones I have, the book shelf style is very similar...

  3. I love this chain of words: a giant breathing yellow chicken sleeping - "giant" is a little bit awesome for a child but "breathing yellow chicken sleeping" makes fun of your fear and is so mysterious.

    1. Yes, it's exactly the idea of Ponti ! A bit of giant magic and poetry in a world in huge need of it ! There are flying books too ! I am sure the garden resonates of laughters and enthusiams of children and parents alike ! That's how to bring a garden to life ! You can see le poussin géant -until the end of October only - and flick through lots of pictures here and also read about it (Dossier de Presse in French ! and map of the garden) here