Saturday, 20 July 2013

Petra Plasty Plastic

I am very fond of girl toys in vintage plastic (principally from the late 40s to the late 60s). Most of the time these toys have surprisingly survived well considering...

I recently spotted this furniture :

It has got two drawers on the right, a compartment closed by a dropping door on the left and unfortunately something missing under it (another drawer ?).

It ticks all the boxes for me in terms of design - interesting legs ! and the zigzag details- ; quality of plastic, hard and shiny ; color (creamy plastic ! - fortunately not too yellowed) ;  and size, perfect for a dollrama !

I didn't quite buy it entirely by chance... I recognized it... I knew it is German and I also knew that it serves a definite purpose : it's a baby-changing table ! How do I know that ? Well thanks to the Puppenstubensammlerin, of course ! And the great docs she generously shares with all her readers...

Doc Die Puppenstubensammlerin here
It looks as if my changing table is part of a wider nursery range : a cot, a cradle (not pictured) ; a pushchair (sold in 3 sizes !) and a swing... by Plasty (also Fiedler and Podey - the P+F intervened in the logo just above "Plasty" ) and it dates 1966 as it is presented as the novelty that year...

Another view of the range (one can see here the cradle too) :

Doc Die Puppenstubensammlerin here

I have a baby doll about the same size of these ones :

Mine is a Hong-Kong baby (see it here better)

On a advert of the time it is presented side by side Petra Möbel (Petra furniture) - still it is specified that they are Miniaturen...

Doc Die Puppenstubensammlerin here

However, on my piece, there is a mark at the back :

It is quite strange that it bears the "Petra" logo as the furniture is not at all in the right scale for the Petra doll which is a 11" (29 cm) tall fashion doll - The changing table dimensions are only height 7 cm x 10,5 cm wide x 5 cm deep, not really the 1/6 scale furniture !) it would rather suit a 12 cm doll (maximum 15 cm one)... Let's have a go at this :

Petra Star : Aïe ! A bit small for her...

Let's try with another German doll (13 cm)...

Just right !

More photos on Flickr...

Of course, I would love to find the missing drawer... Thanks to the Puppenstubensammlerin and all her documentation, I even know what it looks like, exactly like this :

A drawer slightly larger than the two others and with a zigzag under the knob... With such distinctive features, it shouldn't be too difficult to spot, right ? (if one is very patient...).

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  1. I have one like this. It came with my villahogarin dollhouse.

    1. Nice ! Is it exactly the same ? Are you showing a picture of it online ? Don't hesitate to add a link to it...