Friday, 21 June 2013

An Update on Mily's furniture...

Astrid who has an extensive collection of German doll furniture just gave me some news about the famous TV used for the Mily doll documentation by Gégé in 1964... We still don't know who its maker is but as Astrid I believe that it could be from East Germany...

Here is a good view of the Mily radiogram as a reminder :

Here is a good view of Astrid's...

More photos on Astrid's stream

It's the same, isn't it ? What I took for a "manivelle" was a optical illusion and in fact just the button with a shiny black head and the copper of the battery connector which sticks out... (these little TVs have a little party trick of their own with an operating lamp lighting a picture and giving the perfect effect of of a television when it is on...)

New York, Berlin, London, Vienna, Stockholm, Copenhagen... Paris is missing on this list but it is still a pretty jet-set TV perfectly suited to such a fashionable girl as Mily !

I really hope, we'll get more update in the coming months on Mily's furniture and on the pieces we are trying to identify. Thank you, Astrid for this first !

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